Mega-Catch Pro 900 Premier Review

Discover why this mosquito trap requires less maintenance than many other devices The most affordable model from Mega-Catch uses a combination of different...

The most affordable model from Mega-Catch uses a combination of different lures to attract and kill flying critters.

  • You can operate it without harmful pesticides or CO2.
  • Therefore this this tool is the right mosquito killer for you if are worried about chemicals or constant maintenance.
Mega-Catch Pro 900 Premier Mosquito Trap
Mega-Catch Pro 900 Premier

Uses UV-light to cover an area of 75 acre. It’s silent, odorless and comes with 5 operating modes. Consider ongoing costs for attractant and net. Use outdoors only.

I reviewed this device and I’m going to tell you why it’s an effective solution for your mosquito infested garden. Furthermore I’m going to show you some great tips to increase the MCP-900’s performance with some easy tricks.

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How the Mega-Catch Premier works

In comparison to many other traps on the market the Mega-Catch is very easy to use. It comes fully assembled so you just need to find a good spot for the device.

You can either place the unit on the ground or hang it somewhere in your garden (there’s a practical hole to hang it up).

mega catch pro premier review
Experiment a while until you find the right location for the Mega Catch Premier trap.

It works with a combination of UV-light, moisture and heat to attract mosquitoes to its internal basket where they meet their doom.

High-speed fans spread the heat and suck in any critters coming too close. The internal trap at the bottom prevents caught insects from escaping until they die.

In the beginning it’s best to experiment with the trap’s exact location. Just replace the unit whenever you are not satisfied with the number of caught insects.

There’s no need to handle propane tanks or refill them. You only have to choose between two capture modes:

  • Dry method: Just place the included catch bag in the base of the trap. Mosquitoes get attracted by the device’s heat pulsations and the LED-array.
  • Wet mode: Instead of a net you can use a basket full of water and sugary drinks to attract and drown mosquitoes.

I found the wet catch to be more effective. In addition to the heat/light the scent of Pepsi seems to lure more critters into the trap. After my first night of usage I discovered a boatload of little bloodsuckers drowned in the basket.

A very satisfying result!

mega catch pro 900 premier review maintenance
For best results you need to refill the water / pepsi mix regularly.

Keep in mind that you need to refill the mixture of water and Pepsi every 3-5 days. The fans blowing down cause the water to evaporate. Once it’s empty the device won’t catch any mosquitoes. Therefore you should be diligent with routine replacement.

Hint: Some users recommend vanilla extract to further improve the trap’s effectiveness. You can test out different mixtures but for me a combination of water and Pepsi works best.

Overall Wet mode is more effective than the dry method but it requires some maintenance. In comparison to other products it’s not a big deal though.

Ultimately it’s up to you which mode you choose: in case you can’t babysit your device you better use the included dry catch bag. Depending on the number of mosquitoes it takes about 1 week to get full.

Mega Catch Pro 900 Premier Review
Wet mode offers higher catching rates

The Mega-Catch Premier is useful for small and midsize gardens because it’s covers roughly .75 acre.

In case you need to keep larger areas mosquito-free you might want to opt for the bigger versions that protect a wider range. Most home owners suffering from a mosquito problem will be fine with the MCP-900 though.

The reason is:

It DOES kill endless waves of mosquitoes!

I have to say I was really surprised that this technology works so efficiently. I usually rely on more sophisticated propane traps because they have been scientifically proven to kill a lot of annoying insect. Now I have another favorite techology:

The ‘simple’ Mega-Catch Premier managed to kill a lot of female mosquitoes during the first two weeks. After about a month 99% of the skeeters swarming around the area were gone.

Mega Catch Pro 900 Premier Review

Every time I empty the bucket there are dozens of dead critters swimming in the water. The combination of heat, sugar scent and fans mimics human breath effectively. It lures way more mosquitoes into the trap than I expected.

The Mega-Catch 900’s technology proved to be a effective tool for mosquito control in your garden.

Granted, the trap’s performance will depend on your local mosquito population. Not all of the 176 different types currently registered in the US are attracted by light or sugar. Chances are good that it will protect many users’ homes from dangerous diseases like West Nile or Zika though.

I personally know a lot of people telling me that their device worked with great success in all US regions, from Florida to Washington.

For heavily infested areas you might want to choose a propane trap because they have been shown to kill hundreds of nasty bugs in a very short time. However for most people the Premier should do the job.

And there’s one trick I want to show you that makes the Mega-Catch more efficient against all sorts of skeeters.

How to improve the mosquito trap’s effectiveness

Additional attractants are a great and easy way to enhance the Pro 900’s plume. There are so-called fragrance strips available that increase the catch rates dramatically.

The main ingredient is Octenol lure, a compound that is often used with other traps as well.

Mega Catch Pro Premier Review

Application is hassle-free: you just have to put it into the Mega-Catch’s base and replace it every 4-5 weeks.

In comparison to the period without Octenol application I observed a significant increase of trapped mosquitoes. That’s why I would recommend using this lure to everyone.

You can also experiment with the five different operation modes.

  • Each of them changes the light array and heat pulsation to avoid that mosquitoes get used to a certain attracting pattern.
  • I change it every time I empty the bucket but I haven’t found a clear favorite yet.

Buying Octenol fragrance strips should be a no-brainer for every Pro 900 owner.

Maintenance is easy

This simplified version of more expensive premium models like the Mega-Catch Pro 900 Ultra on the right side it has a big advantage: maintenance is hassle-free and you can do the service yourself.

The trap doesn’t require propane refills or constant adjustments. Most of the time you can just let it work 24/7 and it will do its job.

Mega Catch Pro Review
The big brother of the Mega-Catch Pro 900 Premier.

The build quality is durable. While the design won’t win any prizes the heavy-duty plastic is going to last years of outdoor use.

  • At the same time the Premier is surprisingly lightweight and compact.
  • Furthermore I really enjoy how simple everything is engineered.

There are no bulbs to replace (it works with long-lasting LEDs) or much that requires expensive consumables (unlike many other manufacturers).

Maintenance is far simpler than with many competitors. Kudos to Mega-Catch’s engineers.

Furthermore I recommend that you look for additional catch bags because from my experience you need to replace them from time to time to guarantee optimal airflow.

Overall the maintenance costs for operating my Mega Catch during mosquito season are $25 and less than an hour spent with cleaning per month. A dollar a day for keeping your property mosquito-free is a great deal.

If I had to mention one downside than it would be that there is no way to see if the bucket is empty from the outside. You need to open the trap’s base in order to know if you need to replace it or not.

It’s just a minor con but I would like to see an improved version with a look-inside feature.

Now let’s head on to my conclusion:

Mega-Catch Premier is a simple and effective mosquito trap

I’m really satisfied with the MCP-900’s performance. It’s a great device not only for mosquito control but also in regard to upkeep costs. From my experience it helps to get rid of skeeters, gnats, sand flies, black flies and all sorts of biting midges.

In case you suffer from a critter problem and can’t be bothered with a lot of maintenance this device is the right choice for you. It combines a great mosquito killing performance with a self-serviceable design.

Buy it if you’re fed up itchy bites and buzzing sounds whenever you walk outside.

Mega-Catch Pro Premier
4.3 / 5 Rating
Mosquito Control
Ease of Use
Ease of Maintenance
SUMMARY: A viable alternative to more sophisticated traps. The scaled down version of the Pro Ultra trap can keep small areas free of mosquitoes. The little critters won't bother you anymore.