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Mosquito Catchers: Stay Bite-Free Once and for All

Everything you need to know about the most powerful mosquito catchers. How to stop itchy bites at home and in your garden with these must-have solutions.

Some people are an easy target for mozzies…

…no matter how hard they try – they ALWAYS get bitten by nasty critters.

But is there a way to avoid the little bloodsuckers?

  • Fortunately, you can dramatically decrease the number of bugs flying around. Mosquito catchers are an effective tool to clean the air from harmful insects.
  • If you suffer from mosquitoes around your home or in your garden… you need to check these devices out.

And in today’s post I’m going to show you the best mosquito catchers out there. And how they help against itchy bites.

The Secret of Finding a Catcher That Fits Your Needs

There are numerous mosquito catchers out there…

…therefore it’s important to choose one that is suitable for your goal. Before picking a product, think of the spots where mosquitoes harass you. Do you want to catch them in your living room or out in the garden?

Mosquito control for your garden is far more difficult. Instead of catching a lonely bug here and there, you’ll need a heavy duty device to fight whole mosquito swarms. I reviewed my fair share of devices and I’m going to show you what’s best.

Depending on your range of use you’ll have different options:

Outdoor Catchers to Clean Your Yard

outdoor mosquito catchers

These devices have to deal with 100s – and if you’re from Florida 1000s – of little bloodsuckers.

Mosquitoes hide in trees, puddles or swamp waters and wait until they can attack you.

Fortunately mosquito catching machines have the ability to kill a great number of critters (that would otherwise have harassed you). Whether you want to safe your garden dinner or just relax outside with your kids…

…outdoor catchers are the way to go.

In order to clean the area from buzzing critters swarming around they rely on different lures that target mosquitoes specifically:

  • Visual attractants like UV lights try to get the attention of mosquitoes. If they come close, they get sucked into the machine – and starve. Naturally this type of attractant is most effective during dawn and night.
  • Carbon Dioxide – we breathe out CO2 all the time. That’s why we are an easy target for mosquitoes. They LOVE the scent of humans… and more sophisticated devices try to mimic this. CO2 is the most effective lure.
  • Other chemical attractants increase a catcher’s effectiveness. You just place them near the unit and it lures critters to the trap. Furthermore these chemicals are a great way to account for different mosquito species.

Most of them rely on a combination of all these attractants to guarantee the best protection. That’s why I recommend that you always go with a device that relies on more than one lure…

…and by the way, you’ll maybe noticed that they skip on harmful pesticides (apart from the scent of chemical attractants).

Which brings me to one of the biggest advantages of such devices:

They have a lower environmental impact than most other solutions… Yes, there are sprays and foggers available that fight mosquitoes – but do you really want to spread poisonous pesticides around your garden?

In contrast, mosquito catchers mainly use odors and scents…which are far less likely to cause any negative health effects. That’s why mosquito catcher machines are my favorite tool when it comes to home mosquito control.

Outdoor catchers should only target specific bugs – because the good ones actually help you against mosquitoes.

However, there’s also one downside with such sophisticated killer machines:

All these features make them costly. Cheaper options start around $50… but the pricier ones are considerably more expensive. Consequently it’s important to know which mosquito catcher offers the best value for your money.

Combine them with a mosquito killer spray like these and establish large bite-free zones:

Natural Insect Repellent – Nature’s Mace

I’ve listed my top 3 recommendations in the next section (from low-cost items to the absolute best catchers).

Flowtron BK-15D: Affordable Mosquito Catcher

Let’s start with a bargain…

… at least compared to other traps that can set you back a grand (yes, some people hate mosquitoes THAT much). This bug zapper can be used outdoors (and indoors as well). It relies on 2 different attractants to fool mosquitoes into chasing it:

Flowtron Electric Bug Zapper 1/2 Acre Outdoor Insect Control with Dual Lure Method, 15W UV Light & Octenol Attractant for Fly & Mosquito, 5600V Kill Grid, Made in USA, UL Certified
Flowtron BK 15D

Cheap, reliable & straightforward to use. Suitable for most homes.

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This makes operation straightforward and keeps ongoing costs low. Just plug the Flowtron in, hang it somewhere – a hook is available – and wait until the critters in your yard get grilled. The build quality is durable so you can leave it outside most of the time.

  • Type: Electric zapper
  • Coverage area: limited to the extension cord
  • Use: Outdoors/Indoors
  • Ongoing Costs: UV bulbs to replace
  • Manufacturer: Flowtron
  • Other: chemical free, comes with a 3 ft. cord

Flowtron zappers offer great performance for their price… they really stand out if you need an affordable solution against swarming skeeters on your property. Within a short time they manage to kill hundreds of annoying bugs.

The only downside is that you’ll have to empty your catcher daily because it’s so efficient. Fortunately it’s very easy to prevent the device from clogging up – most dead critters get collected in a tray at the bottom.

One great thing is that it’s available in many different sizes. You just have to cover a tiny patio? No problem, get the small version with ½ acre coverage. Or you might need a monster device… then the Flowtron Diplomat brings extinction to your local mosquito population.

From my experience the normal16-Watt version (BK-80D) fits most homeowners.

While it can’t compare to propane gas catchers (which are far more expensive), many users have great success with this outdoor zapper. The Flowtron BK-15D has currently more than 9000 reviews and 4 stars on Amazon – so I’m definitely not the only one that is satisfied with it.

Check it out if you need an affordable yet effective solution against harmful insects.

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus: Most Powerful CO2 Catcher

Okay, I have to admit that this mosquito killer is not cheap…

…but few alternatives manage to catch as many nasty mozzies as this machine. It has been proven to work in scientific studies and can be an insanely powerful safeguard for your garden.

Sale Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Patriot Plus Mosquito and Flying Insect Trap and Killer - Protects Up to 1 Acre, Black
Mosquito Magnet Patriot Plus

One of the most effective outdoor catchers to get rid of mosquitoes. Be sure to use the right attractant.

Last update on 2024-06-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Unlike bug zappers these devices target mosquitoes in particular. Cheaper zapping devices can kill a lot of ‘good’ bugs too (even if you only target pests like mosquitoes, midges, sandflies etc.). That’s no problem indoors – a house is no place for them anyway – but it can have a negative environmental impact outdoors.

Some of these good bugs get rid of mosquito larvae for you… so killing them might actually result in more mosquitoes. That’s why targeted catchers are my preferred way to keep mozzies at bay.

  • Type: Propane (CO2, heat, moisture), Vacuum
  • Coverage area: 1 acre, 50ft. cord
  • Use: Outdoors
  • Ongoing Costs: Propane, attractant, net, cleaner
  • Manufacturer: Mosquito Magnet
  • Dimensions: 16 x 22.6 x 17.2 inches, 20 pounds
  • Other: silent, odorless, 24/7

The Mosquito Magnet is worth the money and effort you put into it – because it manages to keep 100s of mosquitoes at bay. From my experience propane catchers (they convert the gas into CO2) are the most effective tool for home mosquito control… other methods are less reliable (bug zappers) or more dangerous (pesticides).

How they work

Mosquito Magnets rely on CO2, moisture and heat to mimic human breath – a combination that is very attractive to mosquitoes.

Consequently, last season my device has caught 1000s of them. Place it at the right spot and you can watch how the internal basket fills up with boatloads of dead critters. To further enhance its performance you can buy cartridges with an additional attractant (like Lurex).

This combination results in one of the best mosquito catchers out there.

Apart from the price (MM Patriot Plus starts well above $300) there are some things you need to consider before buying it): a Mosquito Magnet is not set and forget. Such devices need constant maintenance (propane gas that converts to CO2, nets, second attractants) to function properly. You can find more information on that in my full review.

Granted, the Patriot Plus requires some maintenance… but its effectiveness is unrivaled by cheaper solutions.

Which version should I buy?

In my opinion the corded beginner version (Patriot Plus) offers more than enough protection for most gardens.

It covers up to 1 acre and is considerably cheaper than the top-of-the-line variants. Nonetheless you can check them out if you find some of their features useful:

  • The Executive is battery powered – which is great if you have to protect many different spots. It offers additional operation modes (for example, it activates itself at dawn or at a certain temperature threshold). This can also help you to save on propane gas.
  • The Commander trap is MM’s top catcher. In offers all of the Executive’s advantages and combines them with a wireless feature. You can switch through the modes via your smartphone and it will also tell you when some animal pushed over the unit.

They are all great choices, but you’ll get most for your money with the Patriot Plus. It offers the lowest maintenance costs – and still manages to keep up with more sophisticated versions regarding its performance against mosquitoes.

Buy it if you need a highly effective mosquito catcher… it puts an end to itchy bites.

I promised you 3 recommendations and saved the number 1 catcher for last. When it comes down to fighting mosquitoes…

…some people want the absolute best critter terminator they can get. If the price is no issue, you should look into the following mosquito catcher:

Mosquito Magnet Independence: The Best Mosquito Catcher

This device is the most versatile mosquito trap currently available.

In contrast to normal anti-mosquito killers – and even propane traps – the Mega-Catch Ultra has settings galore. This makes it the perfect choice for everyone who faces various kinds of mosquitoes.

For example, some species may get attracted by lights and patterns while others are lured by chemical attractants. With the MC Independence you are prepared for any of these scenarios. It relies on a number of different attractants that help to catch mosquitoes:

  1. Carbon dioxide similar to the Mosquito Magnet
  2. A wet catch mode to attract more mosquitoes
  3. Heat and moisture to mimic human breath
  4. Programmable UV light similar to electric zappers
  5. An additional attractant for increased catching rates

That’s what you call an amazing array of adjustments.

This catcher is loaded with features… and this allows you to keep mosquitoes at bay in any situations. And if you don’t want to experiment with settings…you can also let it run automatically without any need to adjust them.

  • Type: CO2, UV-light, heat, moisture, fan
  • Coverage area: 1 acre
  • Use: Outdoors
  • Ongoing Costs:  CO2, attractant, net
  • Manufacturer: Mega-Catch
  • Other: silent, odorless, a lot of customization

One of the best things is the timer option that lets you run the device at certain times. Not everyone needs 24/7 operation… so this neat feature allows to save on CO2.

Similar to other sophisticated devices you’ll need to maintain the unit – this requires money and time. From my experience it takes about 1h per month to replace the tanks and clean the device. If you ask me, that is well worth the results.

I don’t mind spending a little time on my skeeter doom machine… if that gets rid of itchy bites and red melts.

Furthermore the design is what I call ‘DIY Friendly’. Everything is accessible without any special tools. You won’t have to rely on an expert for replacing most parts. I really like this kind of clever engineering.

Overall the Mega-Catch manages to trap 1000s of flying critters that would’ve otherwise harassed you with dangerous mosquito-borne diseases.

Since I use it I hardly get bitten anymore. I just fire it up before mosquito season starts and it takes care of most skeeters on my property. The adjustable settings make the Ultra an unstoppable killing machine.

However, I understand if you’re a bit reluctant to buy a mosquito trap for such a price. If I had to sum up my experience in one sentence, it would be the following:

The Mega-Catch MM Independence is the best mosquito catcher out there.

I’ve yet to find a better option because I’m so satisfied with its performance… and so are 100s of users on Amazon.

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If you’re still not sure which device is the best for you:

I recommend this detailed guide about mosquito traps.

It covers everything I laid out here in greater detail and gives you some additional recommendations regardig the right device.

Next, let’s continue with something easy. Indoor devices can keep you safe when you’re facing a limited number of bugs:

How to Relax At Home Again… With Indoor Catchers

Many people have to deal with mosquitoes in their houses…

…there’s always that ONE annoying critter skipping through doors and screens (generally mosquito nets are one of the cheapest and most effective tools against them though).

Luckily, it’s far easier to get rid of mozzies indoors than it is outdoors – most of the time there aren’t 100s of mosquitoes swarming around in your living room.

Still… even a small number can be tedious.

There are 2 types of home catchers:

  • Bug Zappers rely on an electric grid to attract and kill mosquitoes (with a noticeable POP sound). Their design is straightforward and they are easy to use. Just place them indoors and these zappers will prove to be one of the most effective tools against bugs that bothers you.
  • Vacuum Fan Catchers operate in a less obtrusive way (there is no loud zapping sound when a mosquito gets roasted). However, I found them to be slightly less effective compared to electronic zappers. They won’t make a difference in your garden so use them indoors only.

Do I mind zap sounds? (It’s similar to popcorn in the microwave).

I personally don’t… because there is only a handful of mosquitoes swarming around in my house. When I place the device in the living room it zaps roughly 5-10 times per day. No big deal as it’s not never loud.

HoontMosquito Zapper grills mosquitoes

As mentioned above, it has a high-voltage grid that roasts every critter upon contact – there are NO chemicals or dangerous ingredients involved.

This makes it a great choice for homes because you don’t want to spread poison where you live (so pass on pesticide sprays). Zappers are very easy to use and get rid of most bugs. Just place them where you get harassed by mosquitoes and wait until you hear a satisfying Zap.

If I had to mention one downside… it can be too strong.

No products found.

Sometimes a dead critter gets roasted and causes a little mess on the floor (because it gets blasted). Honestly that’s no big deal – just wipe the remains off – but it happens from time to time.

Fortunately, most of the time dead mosquitoes land in the collection tray at the zapper’s bottom. You just clean it at the end of the day and you will stay fine (without any further maintenance needed).

Overall I’m very satisfied with this device because it’s one of the most effective tools against itchy bites. I don’t have to deal with many annoying bites since I started using this zapper. They are gone… plain and simple.

Stinger Indoor Insect Catcher

This catcher is great for getting rid of annoying critters flying around your house.
It relies on UV light to attract mosquitoes. If they come too close a fan sucks them in. As a result, the Stinger catcher is free of dangerous chemicals – and there is no obtrusive zapping sound when mozzies meet their doom.

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Similar to the device above it doesn’t need much babysitting:

You’ll just have to empty the tray once in a while… apart from that it’s basically set and forget. During my review I found it to be slightly less effective than bug zappers. One reason is that mosquitoes have to fly very close in order to get drawn into internal trap (but don’t worry – it still manages to trap the majority of your home’s pests).

Therefore I recommend you stick to the zapper above – unless you don’t want to deal with the occasional roasting sounds. Whatever you choose though… both will catch enough mosquitoes to make a difference.

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Hint: If you want more information on this topic (or if you need further recommendations) be sure to check out this thorough guide on indoor mosquito traps. It covers a lot more information and gives you an overview on what works… and what not (like DIY catchers).

Wrapping it up

I hope this article gave you a better idea on what to look out for when buying a mosquito catcher.

I personally can’t imagine a mosquito season without them anymore… once you don’t have to deal with nasty mozzies you’ll never want to go back. However, mosquito catchers are not the only way to fight little bloodsuckers.

If you seek for additional strategies, then you should check out my other articles. They give you some great ideas on mosquito control. While mosquito catchers combat adult bugs you can try to kill their offspring… before it hatches!

How does that sound?

So be sure to read up on this and more topics:

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