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Flowtron Diplomat FC-8800 Review

A heavy duty bug killer for your yard. The FC8800 is one of the biggest devices available, but is it the most effective one? Check out this review.

When you get eaten alive by mosquitoes and other bugs you need an effective tool to keep them off. It’s time to spoil yourself with one of the best devices against annoying critters out there.

  • This massive insect zapper is a last resort killer machine when nothing else helps.
  • The enormous unit roasts everything that flies.

I reviewed the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat extensively and I’m going to show why this amazing beast is worth its price.

Sale Flowtron Indoor/Outdoor Fly Control, 2000 sq.ft Indoor & 2 Acre Outdoor Insect Control with Dual Lure Method, 150W UV Light & Fly Sex Lure/Octenol for Flies and Mosquitoes, UL Certified
Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat

Electric zapper with limited coverage area (3 ft. cord). It’s chemical free and you only have ongoing costs for replacement bulbs (you need 3 of them). Use outdoors only.

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If you suffer from severe bug problems this is the right tool for the job.

The Flowtron mosquito killer works with industrial strength and can help you to keep your yard bug-free. Just place it in front of your home and it’ll attract all sorts of critters flying around. During my field test it roasted tons of mosquitoes within minutes.

Read my guide Mosquito Traps That Work to get a full overview of the best available traps.

The most powerful mosquito killer ever made?

Once you set up the massive Diplomat in your yard (it weighs around 25 pounds) you will immediately notice the big bright lights that kill bugs like nothing else.

The manufacturer recommends this device for outdoor use only. Quite understandable, because the unit is huge and way bigger than your usual mosquito trap.

For heavy duty outdoor use the Flowtron Diplomat is the right choice.

  • It lures everything that flies into its grid where nasty insects meet their doom.
  • The satisfying lightning of electricity converts bugs into crispy crumbs which land in the collection tray at the bottom.

No more itchy bites and annoying insects that land on you.

Electric Outdoor bug zapper
The Flowtron Diplomat power is similarly effective.

Its build quality is very robust. The grid and cage are metal and the lid and catcher are made of sturdy plastic. Everything feels like it will survive years of heavy outdoor operation without going to break. I have used it for around 2 seasons now and have not encountered any problems with the unit.

During my first time of using this monster I couldn’t believe how many mosquitoes, june bugs, moths, gnat, midges and flies got grilled. There’s not much that can compare to the Diplomat’s destructive power.

There may be other insect killers around but if you really need a strong commercial grade solution for your home, get it!

This mosquito killer is almost too powerful. One of the best choices if you need to control huge residential areas.

Whenever a little bloodsucker vanishes in flames of fire there is a noticeable zap sound similar to popcorn in the microwave. Depending on the number of mosquitoes around your home there can be a constant staccato going on.

While I personally find this noise very satisfying (it really sounds like revenge) I recommend that you place the Diplomat far enough away so it won’t bother you.

flowtron mosquito trap outdoor

The device can be mounted vertically and horizontally to fit every use case. Stick to the first option if you want to make use of the collection tray though.

I can’t think why anyone would place this monster horizontally because it will get messy. Better put it on the ground or use the hook at the top to hang it somewhere.

Make it more effective against mosquitoes with Octenol

Bug zappers sometimes get a bad reputation because they do not only kill harmful critters but also a lot of useful insects. If you suffer from a lot of mosquitoes specifically I recommend that you use an additional mosquito lure like Octenol.

Flowtron Diplomat review
Use octenol to make your Flowtron Diplomat more effective.

They mimic the way CO2 attracts the nasty blood suckers to your skin. This tricks mosquitoes into thinking that there’s a human waiting in the grid. Instead the biting critters get roasted with blue arcs of electricity.

Octenol mosquito attractant cartridges really work wonders and make the Flowtron Diplomat even more amazing. It can take some time until the mosquitoes in your area pick up a trail, but then…prepare yourself for a symphony of sizzle, zap and pop sounds. No more itchy bites and red melts when walking outside.

Flowtron MA-1000 Octenol Mosquito Attractant Cartridges (6-Pack), Compatible with BK-15, BK-40, BK-80, MC-9000, FC-8800
Attractant Cartridges

  • Propane powered mosquito traps.
  • Unique Octenol scent cartridge releases a proven instinctive lure.
  • Resulting in increased mosquito and biting fly capture rates.

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Make best use of this mosquito killer and buy Octenol cartridges. They considerably improve the Diplomat’s effectiveness against biting insects.

So… is everything perfect?

I’m very satisfied with the Flowtron Diplomat but there are some disadvantages I want to share with you.

Flowtron Diplomat Review
If you still get bitten additionally use mosquito granules.

First, I still get bitten from time to time. No solution offers 100% protection so be aware of that. However I greatly reduced my yard’s bug population. Together with mosquito granules during spring and summer nothing bothers me much anymore.

During mosquito season I usually clean the collection tray daily. Otherwise two times a week is enough for me but this will depend on your area and its bug population. It’s best to be diligent in this regard because the remains might smell or clog the device. In addition:

  • The two buttons holding the bottom cover can be quite difficult to remove. However I just leave the cover off and let the bugs fall right onto the ground to save myself the hassle. I use it outdoors only so it’s not a problem for me.
  • A bigger disadvantage is the UV bulb’s replacement. During my 2.5 years of use I had to replace them twice and it was always hassle. You have to remove a lot of screws, lift the top cover and the center assembly to get to the bulbs. After a season full of bug killing this can be quite a messy procedure. And of course you have to put everything back together. At my first try I needed more than one hour to replace the bulbs.

Flowtron BF-130 Replacement UV Bulb for FC-7800, FC-8800
Flowtron Replacement Bulbs

  • 40 Watt bulb
  • Yearly replacement recommended to retain maximum effects
  • Fits FC7800 and FC8800

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I still think that the Diplomat is one of the best mosquito killers out there but you should be aware of this procedure every time the lights fail. For me it’s okay because from my experience the bulbs last at least a whole season.

I can deal with some hours of maintenance as long as the Flowtron killer does its duty.

Buy this Bug Zapper if you…

  • can’t stand getting bitten by endless hordes of mosquitoes anymore when you just want to spend some time in your garden without the threat of mosquito borne diseases.
  • …have a huge area to cover. Smaller mosquito killers may not be effective enough so you need this monster to get rid of all annoyances. It’s best to place the unit a bit away from humans. Otherwise the zapping sounds and attracted bugs might disturb you.
  • …are looking for a solution with industrial strength. Not many other products are as powerful as the Flowtron Diplomat. It’s big, it’s heavy and it’s very effective.
  • If you only suffer from mosquitoes specifically you might want to look at a propane gas trap. These devices don’t attract other bugs (unlike the Diplomat) but they are very effective against flying critters.


There are cheaper solutions out there for bug control but they cannot compare to this beast.

Whatever there is in your garden that annoys you, this insect killer will take care of it.

  • The device not only works against mosquitoes but a whole range of other annoying insects as well.
  • Say goodbye to any bugs flying around in front of you and stop getting bitten by endless waves of mosquitoes and no-see-ums.

Together with other tools it provides an effective and easy way to diminish your local mosquito population. When smaller solutions fail, the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat does its job. This makes it the jack of all trades in regard to bug control.

4.3 / 5 Rating
Mosquito Control
Ease of Use
Ease of Maintenance
SUMMARY: A heavy duty bug killer for your yard. The FC8800 is one of the biggest devices available and does an excellent job if you want to get rid of annoying bugs.