5 Mosquito Bite Lotions That Instantly Stop Itchy Bites

Discover soothing ointments to calm your itch after mosquito bites. No more pain, no urge to scratch.The best recommendations to help your skin's recovery.

Mosquito bites are a nuisance.

Despite trying everything to avoid nasty bites, millions of people get bitten every year. There’s always this one bloodsucker that manages to get you.

I’m convinced that everyone reading this has been annoyed by swollen melts before. Remember the urge to scratch after they got you?

  • Fortunately there is a wide range of effective lotions out there to treat itchy mosquito bites.
  • I personally use them every time a female mosquitoes attacks my flesh and can’t imagine living without them anymore.

It’s best to rely on a proven remedy. Each of them is better than dealing with itchy bites on your own. The 5 products I’m going to show you offer quick relief as well as easy application on your skin.

Within minutes such lotions silence the itch, whether you are at home or on a trip out in the woods. They stop the pain instantly and also moisturize the melt to speed up your skin’s healing process.

From my experience they work better than all homemade remedies or DIY tools.

Let’s start with my favorite pick against itchy bites:

Mitigator Sting & Bite Scrub

This product is a must-have for everyone in need for the best mosquito bite relief. Mitigator Scrub is the only thing that stops the itch almost instantly. I love this stuff!

Mitigator Sting & Bite Scrub Treatment Skin Protectant Relieves Itching Fast!, 1 oz Tube
Mitigator Sting & Bite Scrub

  • Calms the itch fast
  • Helps to recover the skin
  • Lasts long and is effective

First, scrub your melts with it to calm the skin. Mitigator Sting&Bite contains small particles that reduce the urge to scratch as well as neutralize toxins. After that the active ingredients reduce the symptoms and sooth the bite. The pain goes away and it helps to recover your skin.

So far I haven’t found any downsides. There is no obtrusive smell and it doesn’t leave an oily mess on your skin. I usually apply it immediately after I got harassed by mosquitoes and then give it another run the day after. 2-3 reapplications later the melts are gone completely.

mosquito bite lotions

Mitigator treatment lotion not only handles mosquito bites but offers relief from all sorts of bug attacks. As a result it’s a great choice for any camping trip because it helps with fire ants, spiders, bees and many other insects. The tube is handy and will last you a few weeks of daily use.

Hint: The best bug bite ointment out there. It stops the pain immediately and supports your skin’s recovery.

I recommend this product to every one of my friends because it just plain works. It’s not always feasible to prevent mosquitoes and this anti-bite lotion offers fast relief from itchiness and pain.

I’ve yet to find a better alternative in regard to effectiveness, size and straightforward application. Mitigator Sting & Bite is the best mosquito bite relief out there. Buy with confidence!

Aveeno Anti-Itch Concentrated Lotion

A great choice for calming itches and one of the more economical products out there. This lotion ships in a 4 ounce bottle and is highly effective for all kinds of skin irritations.

Just massage it around red melts and it will relieve the itch almost immediately.

Sale Aveeno Anti-Itch Concentrated Lotion with Calamine and Triple Oat Complex, Skin Protectant for Fast-Acting Itch Relief from Poison Ivy, Insect Bites, Chicken Pox, and Allergic Itches, 4 fl. oz
Aveeno Anti-Itch Lotion

  • Silence the urge to scratch
  • This lotion is a bargain
  • Cools the skin and soothens the pain

Aveeno Anti-Itch lotion stops you from tearing your skin apart and offers a cooling, soothing sensation.

  • Treat your skin immediately once you’ve got bitten and the irritations will go away after a short time.
  • After applying it you won’t have to deal with the impulse to scratch anymore.

The lotion not only moisturizes your wound but it also supports the healing process.

Its texture is a bit pasty at first. I personally don’t mind it because it feels great for a couple of minutes. After the Aveeno ointment has dried up you won’t notice much of it anymore (apart from reduced itchiness).

I usually have to reapply it 3-4 times until the bites are gone.


An economical lotion with great relief. As long as you don’t mind the strong scent and you will be happy with it.

The only real downside I found so far is the scent. The lotion smells like a mixture of menthol and chemicals.


However in my opinion Aveeno Anti-Itch’s great relief is worth dealing with this. I just wish there was a formula available with a less obtrusive scent. Fortunately the smelly odor evaporates after a few minutes and won’t trouble you after that time.

Overall Aveeno offers a great combination of itch reduction, an economical price and easy application. This lotion is a bargain and perfect for your home. One of the best mosquito bite reliefs for regular use.

After Insect Bite Patches

Have you tried anti-itch ointments before and were not satisfied because they rub off way too fast? Then these patches might be the right tool to take away the impulse to scratch.

Just stick them on your melts and they’ll offer quick relief from nasty bites.

Sale After Insect Bite Patches - Natural After Insect Bite Cosmetic Patches  Reduce Appearance of Redness & Itching  Protect Affected Area  100% Satisfaction Guarantee
After Insect Bite Patches

  • Stick until your skin is recovered
  • Great for kids
  • Stops your impulse to scratch

One pack includes 24 patches that can be used to treat your damaged skin. Once applied they reduce bite symptoms very fast and calm the itch.

  • I was pleased that these patches worked so well, even under mosquito-proof clothes where other alternatives can feel sticky.
  • From my experience patches are one of the best bite remedies out there. Every time I get bitten they stop the vicious cycle of scratching and ripping.

Apart from their effectiveness After Insect Bite Patches have several big advantages: It’s hard to lose them.

Even after swimming they will stick on your skin. This feature also makes them a great option for kids because in contrast to lotions they can’t rub patches off easily. Furthermore they come with a “clear tone” which makes them look unobtrusive.

Mosquito Bite Lotions Waterproof
The patches stay on – even after swimming.

Bite patches stop you from scratching and treat your wounds with soothing ingredients. A great product for the occasional bite.

Another pro is that you can easily put them in a purse or a pocket. As a result you’ll always have a patch at hand when you need one. If I had to mention one downside it would be the fact that they are not individually packed.

I usually put them in a zip lock to keep them clean during trips. They are also quite small so it will be hard to treat numerous melts. A lotion is more suitable and cheaper in such a case.

Nonetheless these patches are a great choice for the occasional bite. Due to the size you will always have one available when you suffer from itchy bites.

Additionally, they keep their calming effect over several days until your skin is fully recovered. A great supplement for normal mosquito bite ointments.

After Bite XTRA GEL

The After Bite product line was one of my favorites for long time. The normal gel offered great relief from itchy bits and due to its compact size it was easy to carry it with me during outdoor trips.

However the company seems to have changed its formula.

After Bite Xtra Soothing Gel 0.70 oz
After Bite XTRA GEL

  • Handy and transportable tube
  • Economical price
  • Great relief for itchy bites

They replaced the ammonia (the old version’s main ingredient) with baking soda. The result is a less effective mosquito bite lotion, at least from my experience.

Nowadays I am avoiding the normal variant and stick to the XTRA version because it still contains some ammonia.

As a result, this gel is a great mosquito relief that you can take with you all the time. It helps to calm the impulse to scratch and cools the itchy feeling. One great hint for easy application on smaller melts is to use a Q-tip.

So far the only real downside is the odor. Due to the ingredients it smells like, well, ammonia. Fortunately the scent goes away after a short time but you better don’t use it where other people congregate.

mosquito bite lotion

Apart from mosquitoes, After Bite Xtra also works for a range of other insects too. In contrast to the lotions above I noticed that this product mainly reduces the symptoms. It calms the pain and stops the itchiness.

However, I didn’t notice much of an effect regarding skin recovery. Competitors helped to reduce the inflammation period as well but this ointment just silences the urge to scratch.

Info: A compact bite gel that can help you calming the itch. Great choice for outdoor trips.

To sum it up, After Bite XTRA is a handy mosquito bite relief with an attractive price tag. While it can’t compare to more expensive products it is still a great choice for everyone who needs a quick fix for itchy sensations.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Res-Q Ointment

Another lotion known by every veteran. Burt’s Bees Ointment ships in a neat little metal container and offers relief from itchy bites.

I’ve used this product for years and it never let me down. Shortly after treating my skin with it, the need to scratch my melts is gone.

Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment, 0.6 oz
Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment

  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Pleasant herbal scent
  • Offers relief from all kinds of bug bites

This stuff just plain works. The ointment helps significantly to stop skin irritations, including nasty bites from little critters.

However some caveats stop me from using this anti-mosquito product regularly. The texture is very greasy and it is hard to apply it without messy stains on clothes. Other lotions like the Mitigator Bite Scrub are far easier to handle. That’s why I mainly stick to the competitors.

Another downside is the packaging. While the compact metal can looks stylish it does not have the best form factor for outdoor trips.

When I’m suffering from itchy bites out in the woods a spray or gel is more convenient than opening the container, applying the ointment and then try to close it with my oily fingers.

anti mosquito lotion

To be fair, Burt’s Bees lotion also has some great advantages: The herbal scent is very nice and results from a fine selection of natural ingredients. In comparison to many other mosquito reliefs this one avoids chemical compounds from the lab.

Therefore I recommend it to everyone who looks for a natural bug bite solution.

The herbal ingredients really help to soothe the pain, I just wished they came with a better form factor. When you can overlook these weak points or mainly need a lotion while staying at home, Burt’s Bees is one of the best natural mosquito remedies out there.

How to use bite lotions

It’s always best to treat insect bites immediately. Upon contact, female mosquitoes inject a mix of saliva and enzyme in your body that causes irritation. Some people also suffer from allergic reactions.

The faster you deal with bites, the smaller the reaction will be.

Mosquito Bite Lotions

  • Avoid scratching. It might offer short term relief but it rips your skin open and increases the risk of infections. Gently massage some topical treatment on the red spot and leave it alone for some time.
  • Look after children. They often can’t resist scratching their melts. Therefore it’s important to find some relief. From my experience patches work best because they not only silence the pain but also make it impossible to touch infected spots.
  • Frequently reapply lotions. Most of the products listed here offer long lasting relief for up to several hours. However you may use them again whenever you feel a strong urge to scratch. Usually melts caused by mosquitoes will be gone after some days. Be sure to read the instructions and consult a professional if necessary.

You can also try some other remedies but from my experience commercial lotions work best. Most of the time their active ingredients offer enough relief on their own. Once applied you won’t need other remedies.

It’s best to leave your red melts alone and wait for recovery.

Better than mosquito bite lotions: Prevention

I hope this selection of different bite lotions helped you to choose the one that fits your needs. All of them shine in regard to calming itchy sensations. However, even if you have found your favorite it’s always best to avoid getting bitten at all.

There are multiple strategies available to minimize the risk: Repellents are one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and your family.

They come in many different variations, from powerful synthetic variants to natural alternatives. This article can help you finding a repellent that suits you best.

mosquito spray

In addition, experts recommend that you create as many barriers for mosquitoes as possible. Those could be mosquito screens or sleeping nets that help you to stay safe at night. Clothes offer another layer of protection that can reduce the risk of getting bitten.

In case you get harassed by critters around your home it’s wise to consider something like a mosquito trap. These devices diminish your local bug population and allow you to stay outside without the fear of hundreds of bites within minutes.

There’s a great variety available for indoor and outdoor use. Check out this extensive guide on mosquito traps to find a product that works for your home.

I hope you enjoyed this article and discovered a lotion for dealing with itchy bites. If you found my recommendations useful, please share them with other people.