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How to get rid of Mosquito Larvae in Pools: Expert Guide

Enjoy summer again with these powerful secrets! My field-tested strategies & best recommendations to get rid of larvae before they can bite you.

At times the biggest problems come from the smallest sources which is why I have dedicated my life to fighting and curbing the spread of mosquitoes and their diseases.

I absolutely abhor these tiny nuisances and I always ensure that I find ways to prevent or stop their presence in my environment.

When it comes to dealing with mosquitoes, most people tend to focus on the adult versions of this blood suckers. I prefer to nip things in the bud by eliminating them in their infancy.

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Most people are oblivious to the fact that mosquitoes gestate and mature in water bodies like swimming pools and stagnant water.

But not to worry, I have composed the article with the sole purpose of educating you on the best ways to get rid of mosquito larvae in your pool and end the menace before it even starts.

Before we commence with the article, it is important to first understand the behavior of our common enemy so as to better understand how to deal with them.

Know your enemy: Life cycle of a mosquito

Mosquitoes go through a 3-stage cycle before emerging into adult hood and majority of their development takes place in water.

mosquito life cycle
The life cycle of mosquitos explained.

There are three major segments that a mosquito egg goes through before maturity.

  • Egg: this is the first stage which the adult female lays into a body of water
  • Larvae: this is the second stage in which the egg develops breathing components and rise to the surface
  • Pupa: at this stage, it is close to maturing
  • Adult: this is the final stage in which the pupa becomes a mature mosquito

However, it is imperative to try and destroy the mosquitoes at the larvae stage in order to prevent them from maturing and making them harder to get rid of.

Eradicating mosquito larvae in pools

A swimming pool is an amazing feature to have in one’s house as it offers recreation and comfort, but did you know that it could also serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes?

get rid of mosquito larvae in pools

Here are some helpful tips in getting rid of mosquito larvae in your pool.

Create constant water movement on the pool

One major attraction to mosquitoes is standing water like the ones found in lakes. With a pool in your house, you have to ensure that there is always motion on the surface of your pool as this makes it difficult for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

This can be accomplished by installing pumps that vibrate the surface of the pool constantly. This is more of a preventive measure and might not do much if the mosquitoes have already laid their eggs.

Clear out any stagnant water around

I cannot over emphasize the importance of removing any form of standing water in your environment, however due to the constant use of the pool, there is bound to be stagnant water around the pool due to the occasional splash that would be occurring from swimming and diving into the pool.

kill mosquito larvae in pool
Any place can be a breeding spot for larvae.

It is therefore important to frequently clean out any puddles of water that may be lying around as this will help in greatly reducing the chances of mosquito larvae in the area. If you operate a garden or pond at home, check out this resource on how to prevent mosquitos’ infestation.

Trim vegetation around pool edges

Next to water, a dense vegetation can also help in harboring mosquitoes. These insects love warm regions and vegetation close to a water body can provide the ideal environment for them to lay their eggs.

It is important to trim any surrounding foliage significantly that may be close to the pool so as to limit the conditions necessary for the mosquitoes to breed.

Use of chemicals to kill larvae in pool

Some of the methods mentioned above are mostly preventive. What then do you do when you already have an infestation at hand?

Best Mosquito Spray

Pools are usually treated with certain chemicals in order to keep them clean but they may not necessarily keep mosquito larvae away.

There are certain chemicals that can be added to the pool with the main intent of killing mosquito larvae.

  • Mosquito Dunks: solid rings that contain BTI, a highly toxic substance to mosquito larvae. Each one can cover 100 square feet of water when applied and it can be gotten for as a low as 20 dollars on Amazon.
  • Mosquito Granule Bits: Granular chunks of BTI (more on that later) that can be added to the pool and neighboring wet areas. The bits can be sprinkled on the lawn as well in order to kill larvae that may be lying in damp areas that may not be visible to the naked eyes directly
  • Chlorine: this a very powerful substance that is usually added to clean pools and kill insects. It can work to kill larvae but one has to be carefully in its usage as not to put in a high amount that may be harmful to people that would swim in the pool.

Here’s my favorite pick out of these:

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  • Works against fungus gnats too

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After you sprinkle the granules around mosquito breeding grounds they kill most of the larvae within 24 hours. The label says that you should use the bits in standing waters but I found that it also works with great success on wet grounds (grass after rain, flower pots, etc.).

The active ingredient is BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis), a dried bacteria which is registered with the EPA and helps not only against mosquitoes but also other bugs like fungus gnats. For effective mosquito control you need to reapply it frequently in order to prevent the insect larvae from hatching again.

  • That way I keep my pool mosquito-free. One great thing is that granules are way easier to spread around than mosquito dunks.
  • For example if you just need a small amount for your drain this solution is way better than a whole dunk.

While I wouldn’t want to smell this BTI every day the scent is still okay (because you only have to apply it once every two weeks). Of course you should be cautious to use it when kids and animals play around.

  • I frequently put it in a fish pound and all of the inhabitants are still alive today. So far I haven’t experienced any downsides with it.
  • Just don’t fool yourself that it solves all mosquito problems without hard work. You still need to apply it carefully to all breeding sources

Overall I recommend that you try Mosquito Bits out because this stuff just works and keeps mosquitoes at bay.

How effective are homemade products?

As always Mother Nature usually has an answer to problems even before we think about it. I will be listing some home-made products that can be used to kill and eliminate mosquito larvae from pools.

natural sprays
Some natural mosquito repellents work great, but they have their limits. Don’t risk the health of your family and try to have a heavy-duty backup ready when needed.
  • Cinnamon: an everyday kitchen condiment that can prove to be harmful to mosquito larvae despite its benign usage in food and cosmetics. It also has the added bonus of leaving a nice scent behind.
  • Bleach: similarly, to chlorine, this every day item can be very powerful in eradicating mosquito larvae however caution has to be taken in it is not 100% environmentally friendly
  • Oil: the application of oil creates a thin layer on top of the pool that suffocates the larvae by cutting off its access to air. However, it may decolorize the pool or stick to the skin when swimming, so it is best to apply it sparingly.

Visit this page, for more remedies on eradication of larvae growth.

Or check out my detailed guide on natural mosquito control for your garden.

Mosquito control helps to reduce larvae

No strategy here can guarantee that you get rid of all larvae – so be prepared to fight grown-up mosquitoes during summer.

  • One of the most effective means to mosquito control are mosquito traps.
  • These devices can kill 1000s of critters in a single evening!

There are even some versions to keep your home free of them (however many of these indoor mosquito traps are less effective than the bigger ones for outdoor use).

mosquito traps for pool
Mosquito traps & bug zappers can kill buckets of mosquitoes within minutes.

Mosquito lanterns are similar – many of my friends tell me that theses devices work wonders on their patio.

Check out the linked guides if you want to know more about these helpful devices.

A cheaper alternative are mosquito killer sprays. Most of them offer great & long-lasting protection. The only real downside is that application can be cumbersome (especially if you have a large area to cover).

Check out these mosquito control concentrates from Nature’s Mace. They are made from natural, yet powerful ingredients and help against a variety of different insects:

Natural Insect Repellent – Nature’s Mace

In conclusion

Whereas all precautions may have been taking in preventing the habitation of mosquito larvae in your pool, you have to also pay attention to other potential water bodies in your area that may also harbor mosquito larvae like fountains, toilet bowls, clogged drains etc.

Combine all these actions and you will definitely have a much less infested pool and presence of mosquitoes in your vicinity.

Important: No strategy offers 100% protection from mosquitoes. Be sure to check out this expert guide and find the best mosquito repellent.